n-Track 4 in Windows 8 - crashes, is that normal?

Haven’t been around for a while!

Hi. I’ve been out of the music play business hobby for a number of years, infact, since n-track 4 came out probably! I’ve pulled it out of the computer attic and discovered my copy of n-rack 4 crashes a lot in Windows 8.1 (particularly when pulling up effects). This is happening with just a single stereo track recorded.

Is this just a factor of n-Track 4 not being compatible with Windows 8 or is it a possibly hardware thing? My laptop is a few years old:

cpu - intal B960 2.2GHz
ram - 4GB

Thanks for any help.

Hi Stumper,

n-Track 4 was released quite a few years ago (I think it was around 2005), before Windows 8 was released, so it was never tested on that version of Windows. You may want to check out the latest version which is fully compatible with Windows 8.


Thanks, Wow, Flavio, your still answering individual questions! That’s awesome!

It just occurred to me I can download the trial version, cheers