n-track 4 "zoom all"

what do you guys think

i’ve been making alot of suggestions and bug reports for this new n-track 4 beta (i am a v3 user, and now that freeze has come along its time to look at v4!!)

this little thing has been bugging me a bit, but i thought i would run it by the community since it’s something more specific to the way i personally configure my n-track interface.

take a look at this, and it’s pretty self explanatory:


1. click "zoom all"
2. depending on how you have your left bar elements configured and sized, it may cut off some of that stuff for the last track (in some cases ive seen it completely hidden). this is a little annoying for me because i like to use those arrows to show/hide the track mixer stipe.

i would think that this could be solved by either:

- having “zoom all” consider the height of those little icons on the botton left and zoom in a little less so the last track won’t go that far down.


- allow us to disable/hide/autohide those icons in the bottom left (which i never use, so this would be desireable for me anyways)… is there a way to do this already that i can’t find?

personally, i like a combination of both… allow us to hide those icons if we aren’t using them, then if they ARE showing, have “zoom all” consider their height so the last track won’t be cut off.

You can remove those buttons via a menu option after right clicking in the mixer view.

yay! thanks alot… so this is now a non-issue for me… i searched for that option but never thought to try the mixer window. there are alot of right click options now, so i just have to get used to that.

i think this option is just missing from the “select track timeline bar elements” window… right under the checkbox for “show permanent mixer strip” :D

so is the “zoom all” an issue for anyone who DOES keep those “mixer stripe selection icons” in the bottom left corner?