N-Track 5.0


So does anyone find this version better than the 4.0 version? If yes what are the benefits?


fizer :D

Most people find it far more stable and some of the features are great. The favorite versions seem to be ver 3.3 and 5. Aome folks got quite discouraged at version 4 although I never had a lot of trouble with it myself.

My first registered version was 5.0.something, went through several upgrade downloads, and stability has been less than stellar. I did a clean reinstall of the complete thing last night and so far the problems seem to be gone. Perhaps the upgrade downloads screw up the code somehow? I dunno. Stay tuned.


Billy S.

So I guess another question would be, would the sound engine be better, or the same, from the other versions?

And thanks for your input. :whistle:

I just finished a recording session with a group that I have been recording for the past 2 years. This is the first session since last May, due to a very busy summer of live gigs, etc. Also this summer, I upgraded from 4.x to 5.1. I can categorily say the difference is - UNBELIEVABLE!!

The first thing I noticed was the CPU load. After laying down about 16 tracks (no fx, etc) the CPU load was only about 2.3%, whereas with 4.x, it would have been around 10-15% (same machine, same everything). I also do believe everything sounds clearer. But I would have to listen to what we recorded last spring to verify that.

Also, the volume envelope nodes works soooooo much nicer. When you drag a node to the bottom, it goes to inf - AND you can grab it there and move it. That is something you couldn’t do previously.

Now I want to re-try that Melodyne plugin again. It crashed 4.x.

Thanks Flavio, I’m definitely a happy camper…


I must say that v4 was a dissapointment, the native plugs like nTrack multi band compressor and the tempo delay would crash constantly, cpu usage went very high on small number of tracks. Along with what vanclan mentioned above, cpu usage was cut down aleast 2/3rds with v5. No more plug in crashes here also!
Thanks Flavio! :agree:

my answer would be to download V5 and run it for a while in demo mode - no cost to you - and afterall its your decision that is final, if you like it you pay for new serial numbers, if you dont you uninstall it - the sooner you do it the sooner you will know the answer -

Dr J

Thanks everyone for your input, I went ahead and purchased the upgrade, and all is looking good.


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I had a hell of a time with all .NET versions of 4.x, but am running a fairly stable pre .NET version. Is it possible to have 5 and 4 running on the same machine? I’m in the middle of a project right now and I don’t want to uninstall v4, but it’s be nice to try out v5 before I start my next recording.


All I can tell you is that I have both versions running on my computer - same problem happened awhile back and I just left 4 on there. (I do not use 4 now at all.) All of the versions are Backward compatable ( a sng file created by version 4 can be loaded into version 5, but you probably can’t go from 4 back to 5 with the same sng file. Remember, the actual sound files can be loaded by any program that uses .Wav files. Hope this help.
One thing I have done is create an archieve of the downloaded versions I have used: a directory for Ntrack and subdirectories for each version I might want to return to, that way I can always load an old version if I want. So, lets say I open a file created with version 4 - rename the sng file first thing, now If I have a problem with something in version 5 I can always go back to version 4 using the origional sng file.

A clarification… n-Track is forward compatible (eg. 4 to 5) but not backward compatible (eg. 5 to 4). That is one of the snags that held me back of upgrading to 5, because I got caught with 4 and couldn’t go back to 3.x without losing a lot of time and effort.