N-Track 5.0

saving sng files

Has anyone had the problem of saving a sng file, naming it, making a specified folder for it, save it in that folder, then the sng file gets saved in another location, in the programs folder under the name: “N-Track 5.0 Studio”?


fizer :whistle:

Yes… I posted this about 3 weeks ago.

It was saving it as ST.sng in the root directory of the drive. Assuming you can use Windows Explorer, you can then move the ST.sng to the correct folder, and rename it to what you want.
Then, go back into n-tracks and open a ‘new’ file by selecting the renamed one.
From them on, it will retain the correct name.

But, yeah… what a hassle.
And it never did that before.

you must change the default save to path in prefs to the one you want to use, and you must tick the RECORD ALL box - then M will always open that file when using any save function -

remember a song only holds reference data to what is displayed on Ns timeline, it does not gather the tracks into 1 folder - if you want N to put all tracks on the timeline in 1 folder then you have to use the PACKED SONG FILE .sgw format -

Dr J

Hi Dr
I had changed the path, but I never knew about the other two things mentioned. I will try that.

Thanks for taking time to respond.


http://www.nrtco.net/~guykelli/index.htm :(

We need a new manual - or at least the update log should tell how new features work.