?n track 5 to 6

I have 5, how come I can’t use 6

I just paid for and downloaded ver. 5 last week. I downloaded the beta 6 version and it says I have to purchase. It won’t let me even close out of the program. I have already purchased the latest version and I’m not sure what to do here. Do I save download on top of v.5? or do save v6 and run it sepreately? I’m sorry, but I’m confused.

did you try your ver 5 codes in ver 6?

Open version 6 click about, register, type in your 5 codes and it will un lock.

When I open v.6, it say purchase and locks me out from doing anything but going to the “purchase” button. I installrd v.6 as a seperate program…v.5 is still on computer. What am I doing wrong?

Version 6 can be loadd on top of 5. You might try that and see if that fixes things.
I have a guess about the registration. . . The clock runs out on using the beta version on Monday. At that time you will be able to download version 6 as a regular build. I’m guessing that the codes you have only work with version 5 and you will get new codes (free upgade if you just bought 5)- The codes for 5 and 6 will be different, maybe Flavio has already built that into code you received. You might email Flavio about the problem it might be a bug.

Just click on the Purchase logo, not the purchase button, and it should close. Might have to wait a few seconds. It should go away eventually anyway. Regardless, click around on the app. It’s a demo until purchased. It would be odd and a not-good bug if the logo wouldn’t go away.


Then enter the V5 codes as Bax suggested.

(I hit that last night by the way…kind of seems odd that there wasn’t a register button on the logo)

Suggestion is to rename v5 to another name and save it because there are things in the effect choice not available in v6; however, when you download version 6, close the program v5 and intall v6 on top of v5. Can’t run two at the same time. When you need v5’s stuff. Simply reinstall it on top of version v6, and viceversa as needed. Try logging off to correct the stuck close-out situation.

Don’t know. I’vegot V5 and V6 both going side by side. I’ve had them both on the machine at work for a few weeks.

I would specualate that installing V6 on top of V5 could setup unexpected issues.

If an issue is effects missing in V6 that are available in V5 then it’s possible that additional VST paths will need to be manually added to V6. DX plug-ins should automatically show up in both.

Actually, version 5 and 6 install to seperate subdirectories. What I should have said, is that version 5 may Need to have been installed for the codes to work in version 6. And in case this is the problem - the registration is under the Help menu. Hopefully all this will be a mute point after Monday.