n-Track 6.1.1(WIN)-n-Track Mac v0.6.1 Beta

Synths, MIDI Events, PianoRoll, CPU

n-Track 6.1.1 and n-Track for Mac 0.6.1 Beta Build 2668 Released

Mac: Support for Multichannel AU instrument synths [New Feature]
Mac: Fixed AU instruments not correctly re-loaded from .sng file [Bug Fix]
Fixed MIDI Events List window incorrectly placing new MIDI events [Bug Fix]
MIDI Events List window is now resizable [New Feature]
Mac: Fixed PianoRoll windows not closed when song is closed [Bug Fix]
Mac: uses less CPU to display spectrum analyzer/tuner [Bug Fix]


Thanks Paco572:

I gonna by-pass b2667 and load this build to see how it behaves…