n-Track 6.1.2 Beta + Mac 0.8.0/ v2719 released

New Feature, Improvments, Bug Fixes

n-Track 6.1.2 Beta and n-Track for Mac 0.8.0 Build 2719 Released,

Portuguese translation [New Feature]
Fixed inconsistent drawing of waveforms during recording at high zoom levels [Bug Fix]
Fixed rare cases where freezing a wave track and copying the .sng file might result in the frozen or bounced .wav file to be deleted and missing on the original .sng file [Bug Fix]
Fixed when loading a song with a frozen track with a missing .wav file, the un-froze button would no longer work [Bug Fix]
Recent files list (song and audio) now only shows the file name, not the full path [Improvement]
Mac: Fixed incorrect initial position of Navigator window [Bug Fix]