N-track 64 bit

does it require 64 operating sys?

I think the 64 bits that the new builds are talking about only work if you are using a 64 bit operating system: is that right?
If I have an Athlon 64 processor, does that work?
Do I need both?

I used to think I knew computers - it’s getting to be more than I can keep up with!

Yes, you need a 64 bit OS, such as WinXP 64 or n-track 64-bit won’t work. In fact, if you try to install it, it won’t even install.

Beagle is right in that the 64-bit n-track version will only work on a 64-bit OS, but I believe (though I’m by no means sure) that the new “64-bit mixing” option available at File/Settings/64-bit Mixing is talking about the software’s internal resolution rather than anything to do with instruction sets i.e. this just increases the internal precision for mixed tracks from 32 to 64-bit and allows for the use of 64-bit effects.

Could be wrong though!