N-Track 7 Won't Record

I just bought version 7 after using version 6 for many years. Version 7 is receiving a signal according to the VU meters but when I press Record nothing is recorded. Version 6 works perfectly in this regard. Any ideas?

Did you choose to “keep existing settings”? Have you set things up in Settings and Audio devices? Checked recording inputs via Cog icon at the bottom of the recording VU meter. Is n-T set to record audio in the upper toolbar (Mic. Keys. Mic/Keys)? Is/are the track/s armed for recording and routed to your soundcard/interface?

Since 7 doesn’t upgrade 6 there was no “keep existing settings”. I did select Restore Global Default Settings but to no avail. I set audio devices exactly as in 6. Audio mode is selected in the toolbar. The Select Audio Format dialog box is set the same as 6.

I clicked on the red dot at the bottom of the VU and selected Set all audio inputs… and then it started working.

You last question I don’t understand. Could you elaborate? Thanks for the help.

Version 7 may handle recording differently than you expect. If you are recording to multi track. Set up the inputs in the Settings -audio. Open the VU meter and click on the Track record button under the track metr strip. You will be able to tell NTrack to record to selected inputs, when the record button is pressed on the transport menu. I am hoping Flavio will change this so that pressing the Record buttons automatically records to all selected channels/tracks.