N-track 9 desktop - can you record track after track without arming each time?

I used n-Track 6 and have for ages. But there’s something seriously wrong / corrupted with it. It crashes anytime I load a song. It says that there are FX plugins missing - I re-scan and they’ll either show up and then not work, or it’ll crash while it’s scanning. It’s really frustrating and I don’t have a re-install for n-Track 6.

So, I’m thinking of upgrading. However, when I tried n-Track 9 as a demo, I noticed that unlike 6.0, I had to insert a new track and then arm it every time I wanted to record…whereas, on 6.0, every time I press record, it’ll automatically record to a new track.

If there is a way to do that on n-Track 9, then how is it done? If it’s possible, then I’ll probably upgrade.


Nevermind. I figured out how to do it (you just have to change the option output to “record to a new track”)

So, in any case, I purchased n-Track 9 and WOW - after using n-Track 6 for so many years, this was a mindblowing leap in quality. Couldn’t be happier so far!

another option would have been to simply overdub the same track while having your takes set to be sent to new tracks from the track/takes menu. just sharing