n-Track & Mac

Need n-Track back!

Would like to know why there isn’t an n-Track download available for MacIntosh.
I had Windows XP but now am using iMac OSX & was dissapointed to discover I can’t get it…
Music on hold! What to do? :( ???

Quote (Turquoiserose @ Aug. 24 2005,11:03)
What to do? :( ???

Petition Flavio to port n-Track to Mac OS would be my guess.


Sorry, but you’re stuck with GarageBand for a cheap prog, or else plunking down some serious change. Or buy a soundcard that comes with a good program. GB has its strong points, although it will seem a bit clumsy in many respects after being used to N. On the other hand, it supports loops, and has a pretty decent set of built-in softsynths and FX plugins.

[QUOTE] gtr4 him & Learjeff, TY for your help. I’ll check it out! B :cool:

I undestand that Cubase SE runs great on the Mac at about a hunnert bux…


Nice thing about CubaseSE is that you get both Mac AND PC versions on the disc…

Don’t hold your breath, Turquoiserose, I mentioned a Mac version several years ago but Flavio seems to be a Windows-only developer. No big deal for me as I locked onto the PC platform due to other programs like FruityLoops only being available for Win. (Although who knows… maybe when OSX for Intel comes out next year they’ll be a cross-over!!!)

:D :D :D

Thanks 2 all for your imput. Guess i’ll have to get upsteam without the paddles. Having n-track sure beat goin’ to the studio. Later… :;):

I have been asking for a Mac port forever…stopped asking.

Cubase is the money shot on Mac for low dough

or Tracktion.

Oooh yeah… I forgot about Tracktion! Good call clark! Tracktion sounds great, is super easy to use and comes with some great plugins. I just have a problem with no mixer view… but it’s a great proggie!