n-track & vst

Hi boys,is there anyone that know if it’s possible to use Vst instruments as reason(propellerheads) halion(steinberg) or trilogy or atmosphere(spectrasonic) on N-track 4.0?thank you very much to everybody

Yep. :)


thank you very much gtr4him!! and could you explain me how can I use theese vst to N-track?Ihave istalled them in my pc but I can’t see this vst in N-track!help me please

If you install a VSTi capable app, it should ask you where your VST host’s vst folder is.

This is usually c:\program files
-track\vsti for v3.3 or c:\program files\fasoft
-track\vsti for 4.

At the most basic you should need to copy the DLL (of the vsti) to that folder.

Reason works with ReWire.
You need to open Reason, open N-Track and then slave reason to N-Track from within N-Track.

Don’t know the other apps.

Does this help ?

thanks Wihan your suggest was very good!now it’s ok!bye!