N-TRACK AND alesis multimix usb


hello there

anoyone has the expérience to use an alessis multimix usb mixer with n-track?
im onto someething by purchase one of them but i could not find info about this item, im very interested about multitrack recording by usb at once.

tanks for your coments

absolutely the best rig, imho, but go for the bigger board (i.e. need the 8, buy the 12). i run this setup recording my rock band on a $300 acer and ver4 with no problems, plus its so portable. traded in some used gear for some good $200 condensers and can record anything from turntables to entire bands with the alesis, and ntrack does much more than i need it to…now to unravel the mystery of midi…

Remember…if it is USB1 it will only send to signals (tracks) to your PC. If you want to record multi tracks at once (more than two) you will need either a USB2 or Firewire.