N-Track and Delta 1010-LT problem!

please help…

I just installed a Delta 1010lt to my pc and and set the audio recording and playback devices (in n-track, file>settings>preferences>audio devices)
to record and play back from “1- M-Audio Delta ASIO” in order to record 8 simultanious tracks.

Now I am having a weird problem while recording it keeps saying “evaluation version, sound is added every 20 seconds”

It’s not an evaluation version, I’ve been using this program for a long time and have been very happy with it, but now it’s adding noise to every 20 or so seconds of recording. :(

PLEASE HELP! I really hope I dont have to change the version of my n-track, I was soooo happy with it, and didn’t find the newer versions to be very appealing when i tried them not too long ago. I have n-track 4, not sure exactly which version.

Did you register the 16 or 24 bit version ?

If it is 16 bit it would do that, as your d1010 does 24 bit by default

Oh yeah, it was a while ago, but yeah I think I did register the 16bit! Thanks for that reminder!!

Can I change this? I would like to use 24 bit, I really would like to keep my n-track version. Is it posible to upgrade to 24 bit and just reinstall the same version I have? (I saved it on a data disc).

From the nTrack register page: “When needed standard registered users can upgrade to the 24 bit version for the exact price difference between the two versions ($26).” IIRC, you send Flavio the money, he sends you a new reg-code, bingo…

Good luck!

Hi fred s and guys:
I would consider this when writing Flavio regarding the upgrade to the 24-bit version…

Open n-Track and go to help>then about and open it… The version will appear along with the build and the date of the version…

If it were me I’d take note of what appears and when writing mail to Flavio include this information… Other-wise you may not the the correct reg.codes…

I stand corrected on this… but it wouldn’t hurt to include the installed information that appears in the “About” information of the installation you have and are useing. when you mail Flavio on this upgrade…


Yip !

Like everone said.

You unhand the moolah, Flavio unhands a 24bit code.

You don’t have to reinstall or anything.

Just click help -> register, put in the new codes and there you go.


hey i own a delta 1010lt by m-audio i use the 16bit version of ntrack with no problems and i record 8 track simultanious… when you go to preferences just use the CTRL key and select the channels1/2 2/3 3/4 5/6 7/8 and it will be like using a sound card you get all your meters up i love the m-audio 1010lt works great with a behringer ub4224fx pro direct outs :) cheap and works sweet i have rough LIVE recordings if you would like to hear them done with that equipment they are raw but came out really well for not being mixed