n-track and jamstix as authoring tool

The way I free up resources with JS is mute all my audio tracks and then mixdown the 4 JS channels to 4 separate stereo wav files, import them into the song and then disable the JS plugin (make the green square red).

Kinda the same as a freeze but manual way of doing it.
Lets me then apply fx to the rendered wavs as well


[edit] Or you could remove the JS plugin altogether once you have mixed down to wavs, but I leave it there just in case I want to change something (insert some more bars, change a bar or 2 or whatever).
If I do remove it I will save the .sng file before hand and call it [songname] (Jamsitx).sng or something like that so I can reload that with JS in it and edit the drums in JS if I want


Yep - that’s got it. CPU utilization wayyyy down. Thanks! And actually, I discovered that jamstix when rendered really doesn’t sound different than the plugin (if you don’t compress the master channel when rendering :;): ).