n-track and m-audio fast track usb

Any one using m-audio fast track usb?


I have just bought an M-Audio fast track usb and wondered if anyone out there is using it with n-track studio.

If you are what problems etc can you advise me of. I haven’t even plugged it in yet but I have had some latency problems with my old setup (Extigy souncard).

Thanks all…

my friend mike got one last week and she’s really good.
we don’t test it with N, but we do it this week.

we test it with Krystal (free 16 tracks 24 bit soft) and it work really fine, it’s amazing.


Thanks for the advice, I have downloaded Krystal to try it out.


I setup my box with n-track last night but it had serious latency problems. I have a very quick pc and was quite surprised. Did some tweaking and now seems ok unless I add any effects then the latency returns. I could use my vamp to add the effects before I record I suppose.

The actual usb connector is excellent and I think will be a really good thing once I get all of the settings correct. I am good on PC’s (An MCSE so I should be) but the sound settings are still new to me.
Not sure what audio settings t use so will need to do some research. :p

Save excesssive effecting for the mixdown. This way the latency won’t matter a bit.