n-track and multi-out VST instruments

Where do my signals go?

I’m using the bs-16 multi-out sound-font player as a VST-Instrument within n-track. But only one of the bs-16’s outputs reaches the correspnding n-track channel. The other outputs don’t seem to find their way to n-track.

The last two days I’ve spent left-clicking, right-clicking and double clicking every pixel of that n-track user interface. I found many interesting features all right - but not the answer to my problem. Please help!

In detail:

As soon as I define the new instrument-channel (Track->Midi->New instrument channel->bs-16) n-track automaticly adds 6 new channels to the mixer - supposedly one for each output of the plug-in. The first of these channels then shows the “bs-16” tag in the effects list. The other channels (called Instrument channel 1-2, instrument channel 1-3 and so on) do not show the bs-16-plug-in tag.

Now playing sound fonts through that plug-in works well as long as I map all the instruments to the Output 1+2 - the signal is beeing routed to the first instrument channel. (that one that displays the bs-16 as plug-in.)

But of course that’s not what a multi-out instrument is all about.

I want to map any instrument to one of the 6 n-track channels. I can tell bs-16 to assign every instrument one of the 6 stereo outputs. (1+2, 3+4, etc.) But when i chose an output other than 1+2 all I get is silence. The other channels just don’t receive the signals.

Any ideas?

I’m not familiar with the bs-16, but there could be a incompatibility problem in n-Track. The multi-outs I’ve been using have all been sample players (DR-005 et.c) and these work fine. Then there are some that have serious hiccups with n: I’m talking about the CM Studio plugins by Muon. (The CM drumsynth by LinPlug works fine). And I’ve also tested FruityLoops, that has two VSTi versions, one multi-out and one stereo out. With the multi-out n-Track behaved as you’ve described about the bs-16. With the stereo version there was no problems. This was some time ago, but I don’t remember noticing anything about this in the changelog.

Logic, I’m told, also has had problems with multi-outs. Perhaps not these days, but it just shows that the big boys aren’t perfect.

You might want to drop Flavio a line about this problem. He’s busy with vesion 4.1 now, but he’s usually very good at responding. Tell us what you hear, will you?

BS-16 seems to be a SoundFont player. Is it any good?

Thanks for the information, IwontTell. I don’t have any news on the subject yet, but I’ll be posting as soon as get some.

… yes, I think the bs-16 is pretty useful. It’s a SF-player with adjustable parameters for each SF / 8 SoundFonts per instance. It seems to be very easy on the processor load which is most important for me as notebook user. (I’ve tried the SFZ-freeware which already caused a lot of buffer underruns with only one soundfont loaded – never experienced that with bs-16 even on „very low buffer“ settings)

Do any of the samplers you’ve been writing about and that do work correctly with n-track support SoundFonts? Are there any other ways to play SoundFonts from within n-track?

Any input appreciated.

You can gry SFZ, www.rgcaudio.com. The free version allows you one soundfont and one channel (if im not wrong), but you can load all the instances you want. The paid version is similar to bismark one. But bismark is a very good product (i tryed in the past the bs-1), hope you found the solution for the problem.

The functioning multi-outs I talked about, Dr-OO5 and Loopazoid are softdrums. They are more of sample playback programs than proper samplers. They understand only wav-files, and what control there is cannot be automated. The CM drumsynth by LinPlug is a virtual analog drummachine with automation. It’s quite nice, but no help for your SF dilemma there, either.
There probably are other SF-players out there, apart from BS-16 and sfz. A multi-out (that works with n) might be harder to find, especially if it is got to be freeware.

IMO, If you contact Flavio, you might as well write bismarck as well.

Good luck!