N-Track and other DAW compatibility

I’d like to take my N-Track work to my producer who uses ProTools and was wondering if anyone had any compatibility advice for making that a smooth transfer. I get the idea that we can just load the wav files into pro tools, but what about volume automation and VST plugins that I’ve already established in N-Track?

Any ideas/suggestions/forewarnings?


I generally use Sonar Producer now but still have a copy of n-Track 5 on the music computer and a copy of n-Track 6 on my netbook. There are some compatibility problems when it comes to automation and VST plugins. If your familiar with each DAW’s included VSTs you can replace one for the other reasonably quickly. As a rule I find Sonar accepts n-Track VSTs more often than nTrack accepts Sonar’s. But this is more a Cakewalk problem not allowing their VSTs going cross DAW platform.

If I plan on mixing on the go and using my netbook I will convert all the Sonar files to wav files and I have a collection of VSTs loaded on the netbook that I can substitute for Sonar’s. One hint is to keep good notes on what you do on each track. Otherwise you’ll have wasted a lot of time. Or limit your VSTs to those that you know are compatible with both DAWs

Alright, thanks for the tips suerarick.

YEs, DAWG there is a solution but it will cost you.

Save the Ntrack Song data as type: EDL [Vega][*.txt]

then use a translator like AA to make them .pt5.

make sure you already have all the corresponding wav. files in a sing folder so
Ptools can retrieve them when it loads the settings.

As sue has pointed out transfering VST’s between daws is not always successful, Protools may go and look for the plug so if the owner is willing to load your VST’s on their machine it sometimes is possible.

it has been my experience tho if a studio has protools they have way better VST’s than I do, probably Steinberg or TC reverbs…etc

dontcare :cool: