N-Track and Tascam 224 crashing

I am using N-Track 24 bit with ASIO drivers on an XP system with the Tascam US-224.

This is a new installation. with N-Track 4.0.4.

(I am not doing anything with MIDI - just recording vocal tracks over Karaoke tracks at this time)

I am getting Sysex Errors, N-Track is freezing and I am getting the dreaded blue screen. All intermittently. Things will work fine for a while and then… Bang!

I have downloaded the latest firmware for the Tascam, tried the WDM Drivers, and turned off my Anti-virus.

Anyone have any other ideas to try?



I am afraid I have no ideas of what else to try… but for what it’s worth I can offer my experience of the Tascam 224.

I use it with an HP laptop running XP home, AMD processor and 512 M Ram (sharing 64 of that with on board video).

I used N track 3.3 for a while and now am quite happy with 4.0.3.

The only problems I encounter are jumps in the audio when I start using a few effects with nine or more tracks. I don’t see any system errors or anything that prevents me from using the app.

That won’t help you fix anything, but I thought it might reassure you that N track is good with the Tascam.

The only thing I can think to ask is: have you recorded much audio with other applications? Do you know for sure you don’t have any hardware problems that might be behind this? Have you disabled any other audio devices just in case they are interferring?



Make sure you have at lease WinXp SP1 on you machine if you are running WinXp. SP1 fixed a problem with USB 2.0 that was causing it to run slow. Although the Tascam is USB 1.1 ther might be some improvment.


Also, Tascam reports some problems with some motherboards and chipsets. (few problems with Intel - potential problems with AMD) The difference is in the conroller protocol. (Intel: something PCI to USB Universal Host Controller – AMD: something PCI to USB Open Host Controller) Look for that stuff in the Device Manager under Universal Serial Bus Controllers.