n-track and video creation

video sync/youtube tips and traps

Anybody creating video for youtube etc using N?

I took a shot at it for the first time and learned some stuff.

1. Video snc in N works great except the sync time entry seems touchy…many attempts made to get the right time in there. Anybody have any tips here?

2. I use an old digital camera for the video taking the resulting video can be played by Windows Media Player. I have another that creates Quicktime and can’t convert it to Windows so useless. It has to be Windows so that the Window Movie Maker can be used.

3. Convert the wav file to mp3 yourself. If you upload a wav file to youtube, they will convert it to mp3 but it may sound very weird!

Here is one I did do…fun!


Very nice playing.
Very nice guitar.
There is a little electronic thump at 2:48 that steps on your last note sustain, but still very nice.
How long have you had that guitar, and what are the two mics?

The mics I use are ECM8000 Behringer…bought em in 2002 when they first came out. There was discussion on this very forum that praised them so I took a chance and ordered them on line. $35 each.

I scooped that guitar on ebay 2 years ago this month from a fellow in Portland. We’ve stayed in contact. He has a great collection of custom guitars. He has concerts at his house in his back yard duing the summer. Pizza, BBQ, drinks and acoustic musicians he hires for the event

The guitar I’m playing there is custom parlor thought to be built in Chicago around 1920. Tight grained Adirondack spruce top, brazilian rosewood back and sides, restored by Roy McCallister with a maple bridgeplate so it will accept steel strings. Is ladder braced so has a rough edgy barrel sound loud punchy great sustain…I love it.

The back ground guitar is a Martin om18ge that I just purchased. Beautiful bright full sound…happy happy sound compared to the grumpy snarly parlor.


Thanks for the listen. I’ll watch the electronic thump next time!


The custom parlor, beautiful, and like you say, nice tone.
I was hoping the thump was just something from the conversion and or the upload to youtube
that could be easily removed.
But no big deal, the guitar tones and your playing take center stage all the way thru.

Just checked the n-track file on my harddrive. I can remove it. The blip then is replaced w immediate silence, which is also noticeable in it abruptness, but I get your meaning here…nice to have a completely decaying note to silence.

Good point. Thanks!


I know what its . It occurs at 2:24 to 2:26 noise with the pop at 2:26 as well.

It happens in all my sound file produced by n-track when I click on stop record.

It occurs twice here because I have two tracks…the first ending at 2:26 as I decided on impulse to do the tag ending in the second track.

So how do I stop noise when I end a recording? fade out? I’ve never used fade out don’t know what it is cept what the name implies…I’ll go read up on it.


:laugh: you can lead a horse to water, and sometimes he’ll even drink :agree:

I enjoyed that.

The fade in/out functions in nT are good and easy to use. Zoom in, highlite the area and hit the button. It might be a good idea to read-up on ‘lane takes’ too.

Hi Gents:

You have preformed a nice technical capture with those mics…
That recording is two separate tracks using the same mic setup?


Thanks TonyR and Bill.

Bill,yes I used the same mic set up for both tracks.