n-track bombs on master channel effects

Has anyone else experienced this?

When attempting to open the master channel effects list window, n-track dies… it gives me the standard windows xp “a problem has occured” dialog. Just wondered what I could be doing wrong… or if maybe I have a bug. My setup is windows xp on a amd 2200+ - I’ve got a Layla 20/48 running with the ASIO drivers. Any thoughts?

Reinstall, perhaps? ???

Quote (TomS @ Dec. 17 2004,16:23)
Reinstall, perhaps? ???

I have tried - no good. It's not a HUGE deal at this point - it's just rather annoying... normally I would not even run effects on my master channel - just was playing around.

It only happens when it’s the master effects and not the channel effects?

Quote (phoo @ Dec. 17 2004,17:46)
It only happens when it's the master effects and not the channel effects?


Definitely Odd :)

Flavio needs a bug report then. The code should be nearly the same in the two places, but obviously it isn’t identical, so it should be pretty easy for him to figure it out. From the users point of view these are identical actions just in different places – just popping open the effects. What makes the master instert different is the big clue.

This actually is a good bug find. It doesn’t repro for many (most likely) but it may causing instability on machines that don’t crash immediately, causing them to possibly have random problems later.

Bug reported. I appreciate your time - I just wanted to be absolutely sure I wasn’t doing something boneheaded. :)

BTW - I am posting another question about some odd behavior - but definately less serious (just an annoyance, rather than a crash).