n-track crash

a problem with pg plugin

I work with n-track and I use a plug in called PG (reverber) that it works, I save the .sng file and then when I open it n-track crash and don’t open the file .sng.
Maybe I have to reinstall this PG plugin but I don’t remember where I have downloaded it.
what could I do?

The plug-in is from PG Music and comes bundled with their software, Powertracks. If you’re certain this plug-in is crashing n-track, it will be necessary to remove it from the Window’s registry since it is a DX plug-in. There are a number of registry editors available and some of the forum members can recommend a good one. Then go back to the Powertracks install software and reload the plug-in.

thank you very much, I’ll try soon.

If you can’t get the plugin to work, then you’ll never be able to open any file that has an instance of the plugin saved on it. It sucks, but that’s how it works. Hope you get the plugin to work. (you may be able to open the files if you simply delete the plugin from the registry, etc. But I don’t know for sure.)



It looks like Power Tracks creates a seperate folder called “Power Tracks DXi Plugins” or somesuch and all of the FX can be found there.

I might try simply reinstalling PTPA from the CD (over the original install) and see if that will solve the problem.

If not, there is a program called DX Uninstaller (Google) and see if that will fix the registry entries for you.


Don :;):

PS: Here is a link to the DX Plugin Uninstaller. Scroll down to the bottom-left of the page: http://vb-audio.com/


After you fix your problem you might want to try these plugins:


There free and good quality.


wow!! how many solutions :slight_smile: If I can, I try today to uninstall PGplug-in.
Kingfish, I’ve these classic-series plugin downloaded :-). As I started to use n-track I’ve downloaded many plugins but I think that I don’t need all of them, such a confusion… I just needed basic reverb and so on, I’ve seen that the reverb, compress and other plug-in native of n-track are good enough…
Anyway I’ll let you know
p.s. for Don, do you remember the vsc-88 - vsc-3 matter (dare to compare)? I wanted to listen the different MIDI files of the vsc site, the basic, the other recorded with vsc88 and other with vsc-3 but my problem is that I can’t listen them here at the office, I need to download them and to listen on my home computer but as I download the midi file I get for example an classical_6.asx file that is 1kb big…so it has nothing do listen, do you have any idea?
thank you all


The problem with your midi file, if I recall, was that it was nearly 6 mins long and the rendered .wav was 65 meg. I’m on dialup and it just would take too long.

As for the Dare-To-Compare songs, I don’t think that you can download them. They are “Streaming Audio Only” but there is a trick that you can use. Open n-Track and hit RECORD then quickly click on the song file to play it and n-Track will record it for you and you will have a copy to compare. Assuming you have your sound card recording inputs set up properly. Of course, you will have leading and trailing tails to trim off afterward but that’s easy in n-Track.

Don :D :D

PS: I really like the native n-Track reverb plugin. I use the preset “Ambiance 2” to add just a tad of presence to vocals and guitar tracks. Incidently, if you view the Band-In-A-Box tutorial you will see that the creator of Band-In-A-Box, Dr. Peter Gannon, is using Flavio’s reverb plug in the video and NOT his own!!! I thought that was a great endorsement of Flavio’s plugins, aye wot!?

PPS: I just noticed that Flavio has a link to the DX Uninstaller on the LINKS page. Waytago, Flavio, amico!

PPPS: You may want to limit the number and type of plugins that you install on your system. Without knowledge on editing your registry, they can be very persistant and troublesome to completely remove. The only true and reliable way of cleaning these things off of your computer is to do a reformat of your HD and start fresh. Editing the registry is not for the faint of heart!

Yep. I get stuff off of real rhapsody all the time this way…

Uhh… I mean… No I don’t. What are you talking about?

I’m an innocent as an angel.



The file extension .asx (Advanced Stream Redirector) means it is a streaming audio file. Its more like a pointer to the audio file on the website. It contains no audio information and you cannot copy and play it as you would an audio file.



Don, you have always the solutions for me :)
The idea of recording the dare-to-compare songs it’s really good :D
For the reverb matter, I’ve tried different plug-in effect but I think that the n-track reverb it’s very good… even if PG plugins have many different configuration for reverb (small room,medium room, medium bright…and so on…), anyway I’ve disinstalled band in a box and now I can open the *.sng file without problem (just a message that says that the program couldn’t find the PG effect on the song).
Keep on touch friends
have a nice day


Remember that n-Track reverb allows you to save any presets that you like. When you get a setting that you like just click on the little diskette icon and give it a name. After that it will show up in the preset options. In fact, most plugins allow you to save presets.

Don :D