n-track crashes

n-track crashes

I’m useing latest stable build and newer (even older versions) but I just can’t get n-track to behave stable. I have frequent crashes with the usual n-track bug dialog coming up… I have tried two different DELL computers, one dual cpu (2x~770MHz - 256 MB) and one single cpu (1400MHz, 512MB) and there is no difference. Uses SB Live! 5.1 with kxdrivers (various releases tested of course) Have a AGP grfx card (g-force) which shares the same IRQ as the sound card. Uses w2k, sp4, clean new install with the prereqs in place (win installer, .NET stuff and else). Often when I ie record a track the program crashes, can’t do much before this happens. Pretty frustrating actually… Anybody have a clue?

Is anything else running in the background?


Good question, actually I’ve tried to stop most of the processes / services (like server service, computer browser and a LOT more). Been trying: Write cache on/off on the disks, app/bg priority, different app priority levels, fixed sized swap file, 16 - 16.7M display colors, HW acc for soundcard and grfx card plus more!

It may be the KX driver. I tried installing it once on one of my machines with an SB Live card and I had crashes and glitches to the point that I finally blew it away and completely rebuilt it from scratch. Now it is fine, but without the KX driver…

Ok, I had my thoughts about the driver, indeed. What driver wouyld you suggest me to use? ASIO4ALL or should I stick with the SLOW Creative Labs drivers, or some kind of combination? I suppose I need both WMM + ASIO (MME is too slow for my purposes I believe).


(MME is too slow for my purposes I believe).

MME drivers are fine for recording unless you want to do any “LIVE” recording with effects or Vsti.

There should be WDM drivers for Win XP though.

Maybe I better tryout N on XP then if there’s good WDM drivers included with the OS. I am using the LIVE option i N for my VST plugs so latency is an issue for me at this time. Maybe a properly “tuned” XP with ASIO4all is the solution for me, what do u think?


I use the SBLive! with Kx drivers (build 3537) and have most certainly found that the drivers are NOT stable unless I am running windows XP. Having said that, XP has built-in WDM drivers for the SBLive! which seem superior to the creative ones.
However, please consider the possibility that a plugin may be causing NTrack to crash. Plugins are notorious in this respect and N has been blamed before for what turned out to be a “rogue” plug.
Running the soundcard and graphics card on the same interrupt is also not recommended.


My graphics card is on IRQ 16, my soundcard is on 17…
but if steve has had trouble before with the KX drivers that could also be the problem. Might also be the OS.
Guess I didn’t add much as far as help goes…



Thank you, all help is very welcome. Well I will install XP instead and see what happens. Do I need ASIO drivers or is the XP budled Live! drivers enough for a rather low latency? I’m not sure but I suppose that 10ms should be at least ok (though I have used 5ms with kx…). It was strange when I tried to manually change the IRQ of either card, neither could change without the other also being changed?!? Kind of hardwired IRQ sharing ??? Maybe I should try a more simplistic grfx card to see if it helps…:open_mouth:


I’m not sure but I suppose that 10ms should be at least ok

Sound travels approx 1 foot per millisecond, so if you are happy standing 10 feet in front of your guitar amp, you should find 10ms latency acceptable!



10mS real latency I would suspect is not achievable. The very best I can get using my SBLive! and Kx ASIO drivers is a little over 20mS.
Ultimately, latency is a function of the soundcard itself and has a finite limit.
20mS is noticeable but not a problem for me.