N-track Drums...again

I can only get so far

Can somebody help this new user?

Let’s say that I have a number of drum patterns using the letters in n-drums.

I know, from reading other posts, that I can set that up for my song using a midi track and using piano roll.

The problem is, I CAN’T DO IT! I need someone to step me through it from the point after you set up a Midi track. I know all of you have better things to do, but I need some help before I go insane.


OK, here’s the bullet point summary. We’ll fill in the gaps if necessary.

1. Set the MIDI track to channel 16. (Preferences)

2. Point the MIDI track to the n-track drums Vsti

3. Pull up the piano roll for the track. Right click to the left of it and set the format to Note Names.

4. Set up the patterns in n-track drums

5. Add notes in the piano roll where you want the patterns to change. C3 is pattern A. Next note up is pattern B, etc

6. Hit play.

Note: You may need to put a wav track, or a note several minutes into the midi track for n-track to play to.




You are quickly becoming my new personal hero!

I didn’t get through all of the steps yet but am already making more progress than I have all day.


Steady on… oh what the heck. Glad to be able to help.

Sleep time in the UK. If you need more info I’ll fill in tomorrow if someone else hasn’t stepped in.


It is totally working. Now its time to start recording!

and Mark, you are right, HE is the reason for this wonderful holiday!

Thanks again.


Glad you got it going.

I’m hoping to get some recording in this w/e but there are too many distractions… my new Alesis D4, my new home made trigger cymbals, n-Track Drums, helping my son build his kit guitar, reading my Ted Dekker book…