n-Track Drums (Newbie)

I want an intro with no drumming

Hello guys, I wish to have an intro (guitar or wind instrument, doesn’t matter) but I want no drumming to take place during the intro. However at the end I want drumming to start. I have tried by moving the n-Track Drums MIDI file to the right, however even though I did that, drumming still start at position 0:00:00 on the timeline. How is this done? Also, what is the easiest way to insert and remove silence from piano roll and from n-Track Drums?

Hi, Akua.
Have you dragged midi patterns from n-Track Drums to a midi track piano roll?

Have you followed this thread http://forum.ntrack.com/cgi-bin…d+guide

Hello TonyR, many thanks for the info man but it’s not what I need. I have already created patterns A thru H and have set them out in the piano roll screen. They work perfectly. However instead of having the drums start at the very beginning of the music, I wish to have an intro (some kind of wind instrument) and I do not wish for the drums to go off at that point. Instead I want the drum to start at say 0:30:00 on the piano roll. How do I achieve this? Let me ask the same question another way. Is there a way to insert timeslots at the start (0:00:00) and have ALL events to the right, automatically moved further to the right by the number of timeslots inserted? In this way, if the kick drum starts at 0:00:00, I wish to have it start at 0:30:00 instead but I do not necessarily wish to re-enter everything that I have already done on the piano roll, is there a way to easily do this? By the way, I remember watching an n-Track Drums video tutorial by HotDogWater and he says we are to connect to channel 16 but you have said we should connect to channel 10. Am I misunderstanding what you guys are talking about? Please help me. CHEERS!!!

Delete the midi notes that you don’t want at the start of the track. Using ch16 is to achieve program changes - something I haven’t played around much with in n-T. n-TDrums is configured to run on Ch10. Make sure that the sequencer button on n-TDrums is switched off once you have your patterns laid out on the pianoroll.

Did you ever solve this problem? If not, I have a suggestion.

Both the guide and the HotDog Water vid helped A LOT! But is it a fairly complex process with a lot more stuff to learn. Any other sources for further instruction would be helpful.