N-track Drums Quick Question

Editing Drums

I have a simple question. Let’s say I create an N-track drums channel, create a sequence, create a MIDI channel to play it, etc. Now I want to make some changes to that drum channel (change a sequence or the drum kit or something). How do I go back into that same drum channel “ch. 1”? All I seem to be able to do is create a new one by going to “add new instrument channel,” but it doesn’t have my original sequence. How do I edit the old one instead? Thanks!

Try selecting the “track mixer” (TAB). The instrument channel with “n-track drums” on should show up then. If not right-click inside the mixer, select “show instruments”

Hi beribimba. Follow this thread, then come back.


Thank you both! Stratos, that was exactly what I was looking for.