N-Track Drums - setting volume levels w/ MIDI

I read the “N-Track Drums Intervention” thread and can relate to how hard NTD is to figure out. I am new to MIDI as well and am trying to use NTD to lay down a drum track to record bass and guitar on. I came across an old post by Theinfamousfish who gave beginning tips on how to do this (bottom).
Following his advice, I created a MIDI track (track 10 for drums), and changed the output to N-Track Drums. This worked - everything great so far. I can now use the MIDI editor to graph where and what drum beats are hit, and N-Track plays back the sound using N-Track Drums.

The part I can’t figure out is how to change the individual characteristics of the drum beats that are being played back by N-Track. Basically my snare is way too loud and drowns out the bass drum, so I want to adjust the volume of the snare. Where do I do this? In the MIDI editor, or do I have to go into N-Track Drums and edit it there. If settings must be changed in NTD, that brings up a second question - which NTD kit is being used as the default one for the drum sounds that are now being played by N-Track?

The only way I know how to open NTD is “Track -> MIDI -> Insert new midi Instrument > N-Drums” (does this insert a second N-Track drum track on top of the MIDI one)? Once I’m in there, my NTD automatically opens the Acoustic Acoustic (Lt) kit. Does this mean it is the default one that N-Track is using? I click on the “E” button on each instrument and can adjust the volume, velocity, decay. Great! Now how do I save my settings? As soon as I close down N-Track my changes are gone and Acoustic Acoustic (Lt) is back to default levels.

All I am trying to do is to change the volume levels of the drum sounds in that default kit N-Track is using so my bass drum is more pronounced. My ideal way would be take the standard Acoustic Acoustic (Lt) kit, make my changes and then save those settings under a new personalized kit “Futbol1097” kit. Then I want to tell N-Track to play the MIDI sounds in the editor with my new kit.

Any input is greatly appreciated.


(P.S. When I right-click my Midi track in N-Track and select
“Output to”, why does N-Track Drums show up 3 times?
Output to >
1 - missing MIDI device
2 - Instrument plug-in - n-Track Drums
3 - Instrument plug-in - n-Track Drums2
4 - Instrument plug-in - n-Track Drums3

(Possibly b/c the only way i now how to open NTD is to Track -> MIDI -> Insert new midi Instrument > N-Drums, so every time I go in it it inserts a new N-Drums?)

Ok, it sounds as though there is some confusion going on here. Let’s see if we can sort it out. First, make sure you understand what midi actually is. If you need a bit of an introduction, check out this page from the n-track wiki.

Anyway, n-Drums is actually a VSTi (the “i” standing for Instrument, as in a midi instrument. Check out the previous link for more explanation on that). Because of this, you need midi information running to the drums. Luckily, you have a midi editor built into n-Track.

Now, if you’ve already recorded your other tracks, you’re gonna be in trouble. You need to establish the time with the midi track. Given this is what you are doing, then what you need to do is this:

1) Right click where there are no tracks and insert a blank midi track.

2) Right click on the track and select properties. where it says “track number” select “10.” This is the designated track for percussion. click "ok."

3) Click on the piano icon from the toolbar. This will open the midi editor. If you have changed the track number to “10,” then each row of cells should be labeled by percussive instrument.

4) Choose the note editor/creator tool and click the notes you want the drum to hit.

5) Change the view back to timeline. Go to track->midi-> insert new midi intrument. Select n-Drums from the dropdown list.

6) go back to the midi track. Right click on the track and select output to-> and click on n-Drums. viola! a drum track! yay!

When you change the individual drum settings in the n-drums gui, the settings WILL be saved (as part of the song file so as not to affect the set your using when you load it into another song). If you keep “adding a new instrument,” however, you will indeed see a NEW n-drums without those saved changes. To view the original N-drums you’ve already tweaked for that song, click on the fader button (can’t remember it’s real name … it’s between the “big-clock” button and the play-back and record VU meter buttons). This will show all the tracks; if, like I first did, you’ve added n-drums ten times while working on a song, you’ll have ten sets of n-drums; BTW you will see four faders for each set of N-drums (if you’ve loaded n-drums ten times on the same song you’ll have 40 tracks of n-drums, but I think if you just delete the MIDI track of each set all four will disappear). The reason there are four for each set is that N-drums has three sub-outs, which can also be controlled from the N-drums gui.

Thanks Petros. How do I tell N-Track which N-drum kit to use once I create the MIDI in MIDI editor? I want to edit the default drum sounds but don’t know which kit to edit.

each drum has an output level that is adjusted from the NTD GUI - if you can see the “e” in top right area next to the blue square in each pad click on it - output level is the first control on top row on the new popup panel - if you cant see it (it doesnt show on my PC) click in that area and it will appear -

Dr J

if you havnt got the manual your going to be in for a very hard time - the link is in the other topic -