N-Track Drums

Get Instructions and Kits at NuSofting

Just thought I would pass this along to any of you using (or struggling with as I was) the N-Track Drums VST plugin. I was able to get the instructions and a library of additional drum kits by downloading the demo version of DK+ virtual drums (Same as the N-Truck Drums) from NuSofting.

I believe a couple of you here had mantioned this site in the past. It was definitely worth a visit to the site.

I’m finally getting a handle on the whole midi thing: Synths and drum sequencer and having a blast!

Does any of you know how to record the N-Track drum sequencer? I can record my midi tracks when I use my keyboard as a controller. However, I can’t seem to get N-Track to record a track when I run the sequencer.

Thanks - TJ

Yes, good drum machine!

I can record the n-track drums by mixing-down the song.


You may need to have an audio track in the song for the render to work.

I downloaded the demo version but I cannot find instructions. Can antone help?




Send me an e-mail. I’ll be glad to send the instructions to you.

If someone knows how to post them to the forum or N-Track site, let me know and I’ll make them available to all.


Tommy - how about putting them on the Wiki?

Don - you know that the full plugin comes with n-track now? (From one of the later versions of V4)


X is correct. N-Track Drums includes a web-based set of instructions under Menu => Help.

Thanks, X.

Thanks TJ and everyone, I found the instructions…


Thanks TJ and everyone, I found the instructions…


Hi Guys:
There was a thread on this drum/sequencer a while back… I began doodle’ing and playing with this back then… However, I had to move on before I had a handle on all this…

The task I wanted to work on and develop was using previous drum tracks as a trigger to substitute samples from the downloaded files I got from the Newsofting page and the n-track download page… I got to a point where I could hear the drum voices I wanted to substitute… but I was unable to record the samples…

Has any of you been able to do this with the n-Track drums? and are any of you interested to maybe, even doing this?

By the end of the year or in the new year I plan to order-and-download the Drumagog software/utility… As I understand, this application is able to work in this manner/fashion… and… as well with a number of file-and-sample extensions… including Pro-Tools… and the like… I’m not a pro Tools fan, but But the workability of Drumagog to work with those file extensions may open the door to some pretty esoteric samples…


I’ve been playing with the N-Drums for the last 2 nights. I’m running the last build of version 4.

It took a lot of trial and errors to actually convert this down to audio but I finally figured out how to do it.

One experiment I did was to load a short midi drum clip in a new file. First I used my Utopia soundfont and recorded the clip to audio on track 2.

Next I wanted to use N-Drum and run several different banks (2 versions of Easyrider, 1 Ruffrider, 1 FrogRock) and record them (one at a time) to tracks 3,4 etc.

After doing that I had to import those audio clips back into the project. Then I wanted to line them up on 1 track, end to end, save the wav and sit back and listen.

Got it all to work out except 1 problem. I wanted to remove the N-Drum instrument and reset the drum midi back to the soundfont (creative), mute the track and save the project. Whatever bank I used last in N-Drum however was still there and would play along with the Creative soundfont (all audio tracks are muted)! I also got error messages from N-track (after the removal of the N-Drum instrument) that a bounced wave file wasn’t there but after clicking OK, it would play the midi (with the 2 sounds instead of 1).

The ONLY way around that was to open a new project and re-import everything.

My question would be…Is this the same behavior in V5 or does it work flawlessly?


In v5 I have to click MENU/STYLES and load one to hear any drum sound after opening the song file. It doesn’t stay on after I close the song.

I’ve had problems with VSTi’s hanging in N-track v5 such as FL Studio or SampleTank. After deleting the plug-in and trying to open another it wouldn’t work because these plug-ins are only allowed one instance at a time (Sample Tank LE), or I would get an error because it was already running somehow in the background (FL studio)even though it wasn’t there in the mixer.