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Sequencing n-Track Drum Patterns- A to X

Hello folks, I have recently upgraded to version 7.1 and I am working on a new song. I have created my patterns (ie. A thru X) and now wish to start setting them up in the piano roll. However, I am not seeing C3, C4, C5 etc as we used to, in previous versions. Also, I am not sure how to go about entering the patterns (A thru X) in the piano roll as it appears that I now need to be entering note for note instead of by pattern name. Is this really how it is now or am I missing something? Any piece of information would be very welcome.


to make the vertical piano of the piano-roll show note names (i.e. C3, C4 etc) right click on the piano and select ‘Note names’ in the drop-down list.

The piano-roll in not meant (and never was) to be used as a step sequencer. One way of working with n-Track Drums to create complex series of patterns is to compose the patterns inside the n-Track Drums step sequencer, then drag the patterns into an n-Track regular MIDI track. Each pattern you drag will be used as a measure, so you compose the series of measures by repeately dragging measures.
If you want you can then edit the measures inside n-Track Drums.


Hey Flavio,

Thanks man. It has mysteriously started to work once I saw your response. Are you sure you not in possession of some kind of magic or some such thing bro? Just kidding. LOL LOL LOL

I liked the old way of controlling the sequencer. It was much easier and faster to build up a song with some basic drums.

However - it’s not usable the way it is now:
1. If you drag a sequence, it is not directly behind the last sequence I’ve dragged into the track before. It’s somewhere! on the track.
2. The last “note” of the midi sequence from the drum sequencer is cut off. E.e. if I have a 16 note drum sequence and on 15 I have a Hi-Hat and on 16 nothing, the dragged sequence is only 15 steps long.
3. Almost every time I have a crash after playing back those sequences.

Useless this way.

Windows 8.1, n-Track 7.1.2 x64 Build 3278

Sorry, I’m not able to edit my post - so:

1. I got rid of the crashes with setting n-Track to start up in compatibility mode for Windows 7.
2. The drum sequences are not cut off, it seems to be a problem of n-Track itself! If I set the grid show me 16th notes, the grid is not aligned! So this correlates with the drum problems I guess as it uses 16ths.


to better understand the problem, it would be usefull to know some info like:
- n-Track tempo map (going to View->Tempo);
- n-Track grid properties (clicking on the button next to the grid button, then clicking “Grid properties”).
Can you please post a screenshot of those windows?


Sorry for my late response.
First: I got it managed, that the pattern is not cut off: the drum pattern has to be at least 8 16ths long. If produce one with 4 then it doesn’t work.
Anyway, if I show the grind in sixteenths and I don’t zoom in too much, it’s displayed correctly. But if I zoom in, you can see the strange grid (2nd pic, same settings as in the first pic).
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