N-Track Drums

How do you use them?

I’ve been playing with the new beta build, and it’s great to see the new drum plug-in. I’m able to use it while playing or recording: stepping through patterns manually, hitting individual pads, etc.
However I don’t seem to be able to record anything from the plugin, e.g. pattern changes.
Any ideas?

There’s two ways to use it… 1). Program in the patterns manually (that then play when you hit play/record, or 2) like any other Vsti - program/load/record a midi track and point the track at the Drum Vsti.

You don’t need to record the output of the plug - it will get included in any mixdown.



Thanks for the reply.
I understand that you can use it as a normal midi instrument, I also understand that a pattern will play when you hit the play button. What I was trying to get to was the pattern switching
e.g. If Pattern A is my 8 bar verse pattern and Pattern B is my 8 bar chorus, how do I tell it to play Pattern A followed by Pattern B 3 times over.

Hope this makes my question a bit clearer, I didn’t really explain myself properly the first time. :p

Its okay I’ve found the answer from the DK help page.
You need to set the MIDI channel to 16, and then its notes C3 upwards (not C1 as the help page says) and you can switch between the various patterns.
Cool. :D