n-track drums

hi all, i am using n-track 4.0.5. i’m a casual user. i noticed that in my vstplugins folder there is a folder called “n-track drums” in which i can see some samples (well i assume they are samples, you can play them with your media player) and some dk+ files (what are they?). i read a post in the forums about some other drum module thing and i noticed that n-track does not see “n-track drums” when I try to add a new instrument thru the Track>Midi>New Istrument channel>Vsti method. why is that? and if you can get that running, i asssume you can program drum beats from that plugin rather than the original piano roll?

and if i can get this running, does that mean i can download other samples, copy them to the above-mentioned folder and run them from this plugin?

hoping someone can help… and thanks in advance…

Hmmm. n-track drums wasn’t introduced until version 4.2.0 so I’m not sure why you have a folder with such a name if you are running 4.0.5.

Among the files you see there should be a file with a .dll extension. That’s the plugin itself, If it isn’t there (or anywhere else along the Vst search path) you won’t get the instrument.

The easiest way to fix your problem is probably to install a later version of n-track that does have it in. If you don’t want to mess with your currently installed version you could, I suppose, install a newer version of n-track on another PC and transfer the n-track drum files across to you 4.0.5 machine. Not sure about how the licencing works in this scenario, and YMMV as there have been a number of tweaks to n-track to enhance the way it works with the plugin.

As for usability, there have been many threads here since the plugin’s release that will help you (I don’t use it - I use real drums, or FLStudio, or loops).


N-Track drums is like a little drum machine. Just select a kit, and a style, and hit play. It will play the drums for you!

You can even download more kits here:

My only problem with N-Track Drums is that no matter what I do, it won’t save my settings for that song. Every time I reload a song with N-Track drums, I need to go back and choose my kit and style again.

Is anybody else having this problem?

Yep. I haven’t figured that out either. But with MIDI input it works great. I like the sound of it.

hey thanks you guys, i think its probably time to upgrade then…

bad news, i downloaded V4.2.1 so to sort out the n-track drums thing, i am getting the error message about “msvcr80.dll missing” i have read some posts in your forum about it where there was much discussion but no answers. some other computer geek forums seem to indicate putting the .dll in the proagrams working folder which doesn’t appear to work, some say to put it in the sys32 (XP) folder which doesn’t work. there must be an answer to this, is there someone at N-track who can help?


OK 3rd update, i found the .dll in a WinSxS folder which has 3 .dll filles in it, copied them into System32 folder (it was looking for them all) and i got past those errors and now is has another error "The application failed to intitialize properly (0x80000003). Click on OK to terminate the application.

i dont have a clue what its trying to tell me.

ahh i finally found what the problem was. when n-track uninstalled the old version so the new version could install, it left some old files behind, including a manifest, and some other .dlls. i removed them and left all the .wav files and .npk and .sng files and away she went. works great, love n-track drums, they sound cool.:blues: