N-track effects launch in Cubase 2.2

built-in N-track effects inside Cubase 2


:) How can I activate built-in N-track effects (Reverb, Compression, Parametric & Graphic EQ, Echo, Auto-volume, Pitch Shift, Chorus, Multiband Compression, Spectrum analyzer) inside Cubase. I so got used to N-track effects that they became part of my music. Especially I need: ‘space’ and ‘init’ and ‘reverbe’ effects.

Thanks for the help! :)

I never used cubase but as with any recording software I’d think it could be pointed to the FX folder in ntrack’s directory and scan them into it’s library?

Oh i found it in Cubase under plugins as DirectX plugins. There was everything except Tempo Delay plugin, which i use the most. Why so?

I’ll try find option of scanning though as you advised.

Tempo delay will most likely be in your VST list.