N-Track EX?


I’ve seen advertising for N-Track EX. It refers to N-Track Studio, which I have on my computer as N-Track 7. Is there actually another version of this software? When I read the description. I see no difference from the N-Track studio software that I’ve been using.
Anyone know if there is a difference?

N-Track Studio is the name of the software - 7 is the version.

Where did you see this ad?


I followed this link:



EX and Standard are the current ‘editions’ of n-Track Studio 7. You can find a comparison table in the purchase page
When upgrading from previous versions (v6.x or earlier) you always get the registration codes for the EX version.


Thanks Flavio.

Flavio - just to (double) check/clarify. If you upgrade from an old 16 bit registered version ( say 2.3) to version 7 ( and pay the 34Euro) then you get the codes to 24 bit V7 EX ?

As you might guess - I’ve been away for a while …



yes when you upgrade from a previous version you will receive the registration codes for version 7 EX (which includes 24 bit recording and playback capability).



Thanks … That’s the answer I was looking for! ( I managed to load v2.3 on a Win7 64 bit Home Premium version (had to do it as administrator - and run it in XP mode). It accepted the old registration information just fine.

Will download V7 64 bit version and go thru the upgrade process.