n-Track for Mac v0.4.2 Beta Build 2609 Released

Strings new synth plugin.

n-Track for Mac version 0.4.2 Beta Build 2609 Released,

n-Track Strings new synth plugin [New Feature]


I’ve been a Mac user for over a year now. Garage Band is nice, but doesn’t sync with the way I do things like n-Track.

I use n-Track 3.3 all the time on a Windows 98SE very reliably. So, you can only imagine how excited I was to see that n-Track is in beta for the Mac. It’s exactly what I’ve been needing. I’ve got the BETA installed but will definitely be in for the release. Thank you!

Hi, billelder. You’ll get the new n-T Strings thrown in. We lowly PC folk will have to wait;-)