n-Track for Mac v0.5.0 Beta Build 2634 Released

Initial windows layout, closing.

n-Track for Mac version 0.5.0 Beta Build 2634 Released,

Fixed incorrect initial windows layout on Mac OSX Leopard [Bug Fix]
Fixed crash closing the program on Mac OSX Leopard [Bug Fix]


Since I am using 5.something I will post this here.

I could not find midi related suggestion box thread that I may have mentioned this before in so here goes.

It would be nice if Ntrack could export midi files as MIDI_0 instead of just Midi_1 format.
I have drum machines and other sequencers that only play midi-0 format and it is such a pain in the arse to have to keep converting the Ntrack midi files from Midi-1 format to midi_0.

Not only that, it stores all kinds of unnecessary midi data onto all the tracks to keep opening them up in another app and saving them into the desired format (Midi0). (all the volume, pan, info stuff like that get’s saved into the event list multiple times…so if you want to edit it later it you have to go and delete all those events…


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