n-track FP10 crash

Lost connectivity?


I’ve started using 2 FP10s daisychained for live recording of 15 inputs. A couple of times n-track has stopped receiving any signal from the interface which is a real pain. I’m running a dell laptop with 2.4g dual core and 4g of RAM onto a 7,2000 internal hdd. The problem is not sorted by closing n-track and re-starting but rebooting the pc makes the connection again. The firepod is telling me it’s synched with the PC and there’s output from the interface to the monitors, so that end of the hardware is ok.

Has anyone come across this problem before or got any ideas how i can prevent it?
thanks for any advice


Unfortunately, yes. Check Presonus site and make certain you have the latest drivers. If possible, try another sound editor and or computer. I think you will find the problem is with the Presounus. If this is a Firewire input ( I think it is) check to see what chipset you are using. Presonus seems to have been “proofed” with TI chopset and the “compatable” chipsets are a sourse of problems. I seem to recall that running these units “daisy chained” was an issue discussed on the Presonus Forum - however, they have taken down that part of the forum, too many negative comments. Contact their tech support people, they are top notch techs, but there are some current issues with drivers, particularly Vista but also XP.
Hopefully, updated drivers or a firewire card will solve the problem.

I use one FP10 and this sometimes happens to me. In my case I think the firewire cable easily gets touched and the sync momentarily goes red. Loose connection. But in order to get ntrack working with it again you have to shut down ntrack and sometimes reboot. Usually after a great performance.