N-Track freezes

Hello everybody, wouldn’t you know this has to happen when I have a collab in the works and the other participating musicians are awaiting on their guide tracks…

My version is N-Track 5.0, and it was working perfectly fine until Monday, when I upgraded the DVD burner on my PC…I have no doubt it’s a software conflict, but I already tried removing the DVD software and reinstalling N-Track…no fix.

The problem: N-Track plain freezes as you try opening up the program, and shows as unresposnsive in Task Manager. Oh yeah, my E-Mu Patchmich no longer auto-launches either, yet the software is still installed…I can’t figure out how to fix it!

All input is appreciated, thanks in advance!

You’ll probably have to do a virgin re-install on the Patchmix, but you can try open (right click) Patchmix, Restore Defaults, re-boot the puter. If that doesn’t do it, Virgin Re-install.
nTrack is probably freezing due to no Patchmix.

Yaz :cool:

Yep, that fixed it! I actually updated the software from E-MU too, seems to have fixed it!


Dr. Yaz… cha ching!

Glad it worked CaptainStrat. :agree:

Poppa W, no Dr. here, just been there done that sorta thingy, LOL

Yaz :cool: