N-track ios multi-output routing via Audiobus

Need help with multi-output routing


I am using n-track to pipe audio from individual tracks to corresponding channel strips that I have setup in AUM via Audiobus (individuak tracks in n-track are sent to AUM separately via Audiobus, each track is supposed to be sent individually~not as a master mixdown)

I had this working properly a couple days ago but now I cannot seem to get n-track to publish it's multiple audio outputs to audiobus and also cannot get n-track to show the option to route to audiobus

I have ‘multiroute output' switched on in n-track but this does not seem to help with publishing the outputs to audiobus or allow me to choose audiobus as an output from within n-track.

Can someone please walk me through the proper steps to successfully route multiple individual audio outputs from n-track into audiobus?

Thank you so much!!