N-Track is a great program

please support it…

This may seem silly or wasteful to some people, but I just bought N-Track (at full price) for the 3rd time. You might ask why. Back when Cakewalk was Cakewalk and not Sonor, everytime you upgraded to the newest version, you had to pay full price. Considering the program was around $400 Us dollars, this was quite an investment.

This program is just $75 for the 24 bit version and as far as I’m concerned, is a much better, simplier program to use. I spent over $1600 on versions of Cakewalk and never was able to get over the steep learning curve or the fact that it crashed regularly.

In the 3 versions of N-Track I have bought, it has been cheaper than even one of the Cakewalk. I believe that you should support good work and Flavio has done the work. He should be paid and I, for one, have no problem paying him what he is due. I use the program regularly and have made thousands of dollars using it.

Thumbs up Flavio… Bravo,

just my 2 cents (or a little under $200 so far… :;): )


Well said & I couldn’t agree more! I was going to buy version 4.0 but Flavio gave me a copy for putting “On a Roll” on this web site. Very nice guy indeed!

I actually bought n-Track V.4 although I don’t plan to start using it yet… - I follow the bug ironing-out reports regularly, but I am still quite happy with V.3.3. I thought that Flavio needed a little encouragement to get V.4 up and working as flawlessly as V.3.3, so I bought V.4, and when I need the V.4 features and have the time to install it and clean up my DAW in the process I have the codes already (in print <----HINT) and may install it right away… :D

A very satisfied n-Track customer

regards, Nils

I agree, its a great program, for little money.
I’ve used version 3 for nearly a year and I’ve Just bought version 4.




I'm sooo happy that I purchased the plugins as well as v.4 24bit.

well, while we are in “praise the prog” mode, I’ll add my review.

It works. Its a bargain.

Seriously, it is one powerful piece of software. I run 3.3 on a 1.4Athlon and WinME. It is 99% stable and almost bug free. Occasionally it won’t re-draw the mixer straight away, but that could be something at my end. Hardly an inconvenience. I record 6 channels simultaneouslty from a creative audigy, and find no problem playing back 10-14 tracks with various plugs and effects running. Have to up the buffer on playback though.

Five stars. No question.


I’ve been tinkering with N for off and on for about five years. Any problems are always fixed by Flavio right away. For product support and ease of use this program gets an A+ for me.

Also, this forum has been a huge help over the years. The advice I’ve gotten has always helped. The users in the forum, although sometimes very opinionated, are always willing to help. I know this has been said alot over the years but the truth is always worth telling over and over.

I absolutely love nTrack. been using since 2.x.
I now track on a TASCAM MX2424 then inport my track to n so I can edit them and add effects that I don’t have hardware for, then import them back into the MX2424 for analog mixing, ready to master.

A really smooth workflow solution.


Hear, Hear!