N-track keeps offsetting tracks that I overdub!

I never used to have this problem, but ever since I built my new computer and did a reformat of the old one, on both machines I have problems with N-Track deciding to offset tracks that I overdub foward by a random amount of time. Sometimes it’s less, sometimes it’s more, and occasionally it doesn’t do it at all. I can’t remember offhand but I think I’m running version 3.2, or possibly 3.3. PC #1 is an AthlonXP 2600+ with 1 gig of RAM and an M-Audio Audiophile on an nForce2 chipset. PC #2 is an AthlonXP 1500+ with 512 MB of RAM and a synced M-Audio Delta 66 and Delta 1010lt on an AMD761 chipset. Does anybody know what is going on here? Did I just forget to uncheck the ‘Piss user the #### off’ button or what?

Do you have wave timer as the timing source ?

Wasn’t this the classic “Keep audio devices open” problem many of us (myself included) had awhile ago?

File -> Preferences -> Settings -> Recording settings -> Audio devices -> Advanced -> uncheck “Keep audio devices open”

I’m not sure what I have my timing source as. Where do I find that?

I’ll check out that ‘keep audio devices open’ box first chance I get.

but if you use ASIO that “keep audio devices open” is automatically checked, at least for my echo layla-I can uncheck it all I want and it’ll come back. btw, I’ve been having the same problem lately.

I had this problem when I upgraded to 4.0.5 and adjusting the buffering seemed to fix it. Not sure on 3.3 though…