n-Track makes you infertile!

an attempt to play a pc


gently squeeezed through n-T.

That is pretty darn cool.

infertile, well then I guess we need to rename the site here, the worthless bastards forum.

Great track, gots lots of interesting effects and they’re all combined just right :agree:

Add a lyric and Adam Lambert would record it. He likes techno. :cool:

This song reminds me of the music I hear at work while waiting for a conference call to be initiated. :agree:

Keith! I'm glad to hear that you're exposed to such high quality musac in your workplace - think of me at your next meeting.
I was hoping to offer it to Eno but if you think you can swing the deal with Adam L
and shift another 189,000 copies!? - go for it.

PS. Probably wise to confine the idea to the big side of the pond - the style police would have us all lynched.

I seriously think that song could be used for phone h :O old music.

“phone h :O old music.”?

‘song’? :laugh:

I’m getting a complex about it, now. It started life as a photo of my daughter and turned into a project of building a tech type track out of organic sounds, inc; our son crying, tyres hitting road studs, drum sticks on news papers, and a lawnmower engine, to mention a few.
All for the fun of it.

To be clear, I’m talking about the song “Irreplacant”. At my work, if you join a conference call you hear music until the call is activated by the leader. The music we hear is a techno soft jazz instrumental. It’s actually kinda catchy. Your song sort of reminds me of that style. I do mean that is a positive way :agree: :)

Cool. By all means, it would be my pleasure; rip it and hack it into your work’s play-list. They won’t notice - unless you’ve got a concept director who worries about all that ****, including the colour of the carpets:-)
I’ve got a piece that runs for eighteen hours that you’re welcome to - 8trk - 8 outs - ‘room to room’ shift/blend?

I’m waiting for one of you… Flanders… OR his buddy… one of you to contribute some lyrics to it… Of course TonyR… you got the complete say on the prose…

But, those samples a really organic… :p :agree:


Very cool. :agree: I’m always amazed at the variety of stuff N-track users conjure up.

Cheers, Geoffo and all. I feel the same way. This place is ‘Diversity Dive’.