N-track mixed songs

Some of my tunes


Hey Paul, all of the clips are shortish - there’s more to the tracks, I think? Anyway, what I hear sounds great. Tell me about the drums.

Thanks for commenting.

I am new to posting any of my stuff. Yes the songs were purposely cut for a teaser in
case there’s a few cents to be made. Don’t know where I’m going with that…

I started with PC drummer as a tick track for all of those songs. I have about 30+ songs in
total. I just picked a few to put out there. I found a drummer who I thought was good.
He was playing on stage at the church I am attending. After the service I asked him if
he ever recorded at his home or anywhere. He said he would add the drums. His drumming
added a whole new dimension to my original songs. I am afraid that he is too busy lately
to do that anymore. I gave him 6 more songs about 6 months ago and he has not done anything
with them yet. I have more ideas for songs but now I may be back to looking for a drummer.
I did the songs with N-track 3.x. I am thinking of upgrading to 5.x. I got a 24 bit sound
card this week. I really don’t like the idea of going back to PC drummer, it just doesn’t have
the feel of the real thing. It is better than nothing, but you probably know that.