N-track modular approach suggestion

First of all, congratulations for the forum’s quality.

For sure this kind of modification can’t be done in a short period of time (maybe years) but I’d like to know your opinion about one possible N-track architecture modification.

My suggestion is to have one very reliable, small size, light version of N just with the basic timeline, recording and playback features and all the other features (surround, multiple mixers, midi creation, etc.) as software plug-ins (do not confuse with audio plug-ins) that should be added if desired. One good sample of this approach is the Eclipse software IDE (eclipse.org).

Thanks for your attention.

while I think that’s a neat idea, I don’t see any reason for it in N-track. First, N-track is ridiculously inexpensive already, so there’s not really that can’t afford the $500 program, so let’s chop it up kinda’ mentality. Second, doing so could increase the support overhead dramatically as one would be not only dealing with the many variations of computers, soundcards, and plugins, but with the variability in the software itself. Lastly, I don’t think that these additional features decrease overhead on the cpu when you’re not using them actively, so they’re not gonna’ save much in that respect.