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Hi All:
I’m in the studio catching up on maintenance and updating the DAWs, and all… I have wireing and power supplies and patch bays that need attention…

When I booted the P-4 DAW, this morning and launched n-Track while being on-line, n-Track reported that there was a new build available to download… build 1964… And, it gave me the option to go to the n-Track page to download the update… However, I chose not to… but at least I am aware this a new build is available to download and update…

This is the first time I’ve seen this feature work… here…

I am presuming that this is how n-Track and netframework is interacting in the reporting process…

I’m gonna like this feature, I think… so far… I can turn it off if I choose but at least I’m imformed, and it’ll be fine for me, and the setup I have… Everything to do with staying current appears to be working just fine…

Thank you Flavio… Keep up the good work… :;): :O



I am presuming that this is how n-Track and netframework is interacting in the reporting process…

This feature has nothing to do with .NET except that by using .NET it’s much easier to code.

It checks for a higher posted version and simply opens the web to download from.

I like it, too. I expect that Flavio will eventually add functionality to check every so often (one a week or once month for example) instead of every time the application is run. That will help cut down on needless net access. That said, it’s no big deal on machine that are always on the internet, like some of ours are. I will be a big deal for folks using dial-up but still want to auto-check occasionally.

It is a nice feature and it can be used to find pirated copies. That something some folks won’t like. What I would not like is for pirated copies to be out there enough for Flavio to fell the need to require net access and a successful check to use the application. Some apps do that.

I don’t like apps getting talkative to the web from my PC without me knowing about it.

But as long as its Flavio that does it I suppose it’s alright.

Is that a new feature ?
I still use v3.3 and it haven’t offered me any updates yet.

It will be a good thing to frustrate pirates though. (although Phoo, I feel the same way - if it needs to be online to verify before it can work, I wont like it. But then again, too many studios are isolated from the web for that to be viable)

Flavio deservers every cent he gets.

I just gave my 2 :p