N-Track not loading

Problem with my Windows not updated

Need some help. I just bought n-Track, downloaded it to a disk, ran home for lunch and tried installing it on my PC (WinME windows). I got a message saying that an update was needed for my windows. I’m not connected to the web at home, so I got an error message 'Could not find “http://ntrack.com/setup/instmsiA.exe.’

Back at work, that link does not take you anywhere if you type it in the address bar, and I’m still waiting for a response from Antonio about the problem. Does anyone have any advice, or a copy of the file(s) I need?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Kernix,
It sounds like you just need to upgrade to Windows Installer 2.0. Check this page at Microsoft’s site. There’s a link for the file you mentioned near the bottom of the page. You should just need to run the file before installing N-track.




You 'da man! I just went home, ran the installer and installed n-Track. Now I just have to learn how to use n-track - can’t wait.

Thanks for your help.