N-track on Ebay !!!

I found this on Ebay,
This can’t be right.


Huh. If that is what it looks like, and this fellow is not a reseller, we could bid it very high and not pay to keep him from being able to sell. ???

NTrack 2000?

The bloke seems to have sold a lot of stuff tho’… in 2 years he has got 2000 odd feedback comments. tbh, I wouldn’t trust his sources…

Don’t know what Flavio can do - maybe get in touch with the guy and find out where he got the package from…



Couldn’t find anything on the net referring to ‘n-track 2000’… it’s most likely fake. Got to give the guy credit for the hard work writing reviews of his own service :D

It looks like about version 2.0, from the description. Could he be selling a demo version? I sure hope Flavio sees this and does something about it - unless this fellow is a legit reseller, which I sort of doubt. ???

Hello Folks,

I have bought a n-track version 2.x a few years ago in a Software Store (in a real store!) and I’ve got a real package, which looks like the one on ebay. It was a german version of this software. I don’t know any more, if it was called n-track 2000.
So on ebay, it could be a legal (very old) version of n-track.