n-track online radio?

just a thought for discussion.

Forum I’m a member of has now started up an internet radio.

Would that be possible on here?

It could be ‘as well as’ and not ‘instead of’ people posting their links to n-track compositions on here. I know that there already is a USERS MUSIC link, but perhaps something that only takes a single click to listen to a random, or chosen, selection might be good too. And I’d like to listen to what others on here were doing while I browsed the posts.

The songs could be added to a playlist, so that when you visit this site the option of listening to the playlist is there.

I don’t know how much human effort that would involve or the technical details, but I suppose much of it could be automated (this is the computer world after all). And I don’t know how much bandwidth or storage Fasoft has.

Flavio, could this be another way of advertising the potential of n-track and letting casual vistors to the site learn what n-track is capable of?

So what do you think guys?

Nah, too depressing to hear how good everyone else’s stuff sounds. :D

Actually, I like the idea - didn’t someone do this a while back already? (I know I should remember who, darn, who was that…? Darn…)

Hi Guys:
Wouldn’t it be a matter of deciding upon a standard compression file size and posting links to where the stuff is already posted? It just needs to then be played as a “Slide show”… Everyone who is interested would contribute a link to a song-or-two and mabey… place it in a genre… Decide upon a player so that the credits could be displayed… Who knows?


Right ON… g8torcliff … I expect there may be some kind of maintenance… to keep it Current/Up-to-Date…

I think its a great idea. However, as witnessed on other sites, there is a lot of extraneous ga-ga to consider…