n-Track question

Can u run the mbox2 (digidesign) interface with n-Track studio? If so, what are the preferences do u use in order for n-Track studio to work properly…please help me

Yes, but I don’t know the optimal settings.

Hi ginomaxx:
I’m sure someone up here will reply to your thread and set you in the correct direction… Most Digidesign audio hardware guys that I know are in the Apple/Mac world…

Having said that, … make sure you have loaded the latest windows compatible drivers for your hardware and you should be all set to make-and-record-and-repro the files you create with n-Track…


ginomaxx, are you experiencing a specific problem?

ginomaxx…I did a search of ‘digidesign’ on this forum and found several threads that were started by peeps asking for different kinds of help with their setups which included digi boxes. Maybe you can contact them directly to see how they set theirs up. I don’t use one so I can’t help much other than to make this suggestion.


User “wynot” just set up n-Track for use with a DIGI-001. Maybe he will see this thread and chime in. I’m pretty sure that DIGI has a stand alone ASIO driver that can be installed for the MBox2. Check your documentation and Digi’s web site. The MBox does not utilize ASIO when running with Pro Tools LE. It may be a separate install issue you’ll have to go through to get ASIO on your PC for use with other audio proggies like n-Track.