n-track radio station

well, it took a couple of minutes, but i’ve got an n-track soundclick underway. check out the page and the station. on the page, there’s a contact button (i think) which links to an email address solely dedicated to this task. i’m all for setting up interviews, intros, promos, “live” performances, the like. drop a line.


email: thesmallhoursradio@gmail.com

if there’s more songs you want, let me know.


Thanks JDET.

D - groovin’ to “Club de’ Wash” by Sir Spademan the Great…

That’s a great job JDet.‘The Small Hours’ nice concept. :agree: :agree: :agree:

Many Thanks.

Love it! Very cool :agree: Thanks!

i’ll do some more work on it in the coming days. this can be a living breathing thing if there is input.

I’ll have a brand spankin’ new one for ya inna couple days. Thanks for takin’ this on Jason. I hope you aren’t putting my crappy old stuff on there!

you know i am!
check it out!
i’m working on a voiceover for the opener right now.
maybe do some more voiceovers tomorrow, since there’s no work (again).

i’ll also take voiceovers and other tidbits from other folks; that would make it much more interesting.

Good job - I just now checked it out. :agree:

WOW !!
- niche

JDET. Nice! And quick.

bookmark it. i’ll put more songs on there as people record them. intros and voiceover and some of that too. also, open call for theme songs, if someone has nothing else to do.

What a great idea, Wish I had thought of it, Theres another guy, Road Apples, has a band called Cry of Hounds, http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=721047
he also uses the big N, might check him out!

Great idea! I love the eclectic nature of it. :agree:

Nice one JDET!!


Nice idea jdet. Favoriting the station…