n-Track Studio 7.0.3 and for Mac 2.1.3 Released.

Non Beta Full Release.

n-Track Studio 7.0.3 and n-Track for Mac 2.1.3 Released,

of changes from v7.0.2 to v7.0.3:
Support for multiple pan-laws. Default pan law is now “equal-power” [New Feature]
Option to pan stereo tracks independently (i.e. route right channel to left channel etc.) [New Feature]
On-screen MIDI keyboard [New Feature]
Metronome now uses built-in synth instead of using n-Track Drums, avoids adding unwanted instrument channels in the mixer [New Feature]
Button to delete a track in the bottom left corner of the left track bar [New Feature]
Audio input configuration (which audio input goes to which track) is now restored when reloading a song [New Feature]
New command “Create and arm a new track for each input” in rec-arm popup menu [New Feature]
Fixed exported MIDI files sometimes not readable by other sequencers [Bug Fix]
Fixed changing BPM setting during playback would result in playback position to jump far from the current position [Bug Fix]
Fixed inconsistencies in Piano Roll when editing a MIDI part that has been trimmed [New Feature]
Punch-in recording panel (Mac) [Ported Feature]
Level activated recording (Mac) [Ported Feature]


I searched archives with “v7 punch in”, because my v7 doesn’t show View>Toolbars>Punch-In-Multiple takes recording settings

You might have to edit your tool bar and add it. Just a guess, I’m working solely with v8 these days so I really can’t be much help. Sorry.

I hope that helps,

PACO :cool:

Thank you.
I did find it under TRANSPORT instead of VIEW.
(Maybe I was looking at the wrong version manual.)